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Option 1: PayPal***

PayPal Instructions: Pick and send total amount to account of which membership you would like to purchase from below, we will send you all the login details to your email and after we verified and received your payments.


Option 2: Stripe***

*Post your own content and get a free membership! Signup now for free account! Post your own candid content or view other shooters content. The Voyeurcreep Zone! Non members area, forum only!
Gold Membership
  • $2 per day billed at $25.95/Month
  • 30 Days of site access!
  • HQ galleries 
  • Stream HD 4K videos 
  • 100+ Videos collection 
  • Full access to entire videos and galleries collection!
  • No Videos Downloads! (Black Edition-VIP Only)
  • **Re-bills at $25.95 after 30 days
Platinum Membership
  • $12.95 per month billed at $45.95
  • 60 Days of site access!
  • New!! (Changing Rooms Videos HD 4K- (Stream Only)
  • HQ galleries 
  • Stream HD 4K videos 
  • NO VIDEOS DOWNLOADS! (Black Edition-VIP only)
  • 100+ Videos collection
  • Full access to entire videos and galleries collection!
  • View Content from other creepers! (Magic Chef, Gonja, Dee Creep, Jason Cashh)
  • **Re-bills after 60 days at $45.95
Black Edition- V.I.P.
  • $31 per month billed at $95.95
  • 90 Days of full site access!
  • NEW!! (Changing Rooms Videos HD 4K- Download)
  • Unlimited access to the entire site!
  • Download any HD 4K videos from the site!
  • Download any HQ galleries 
  • Stream HD 4K videos 
  • HQ galleries 
  • Stream and Download content from other creepers!
  • **Re-bills after 3 Months at $95.95


*All sales are final, no refunds or disputes. All payments are secure and processed by

All payments made will show VC on your bank statement for you privacy and protection. is our authorized sales agent, we also have encrypted SSL running in our site for your convenience and safety.

 **Re-bills or recurring monthly, unless cancel by consumer. We wont notified consumer of upcoming payments.

Due to the nature of how downloads are processed, we uphold a no refund policy. The customer is responsible for ensuring their order is correct before purchasing the media or digital content. Prior to submitting your order for processing and billing, please ensure that you do not order the same membership twice. We dont offer refunds. Please report any billing errors to [email protected] Resolution of any billing errors by will be handled immediately.

Fraud: We take fraud very seriously and will actively report cases of fraud to the local authorities for further prosecution.

Stripe Disputes: We will send all info to about logins, IP’s and membership confirmation.

  1. creepster

    Please comment here! ant feedback or concerns or suggestions please feel free to add them here!

  2. Very nice writе-սp. I absolutely apprecіat thos
    site. Keep writing!

  3. creepster

    thank you!

  4. acornwatcher

    paid for access to black edition cannot access any of site just keep getting redirected to payment page when I have already paid $95.95.
    Emailed voyeurcreep support and, the billing processor and got no reply from anybody. Customer support does not seem very good.

    • creepster

      done fix, it was a glitch in our system sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for your patience.

  5. Mike Jones

    $45 and still cant download videos, who the hell wants to drop $100 upfront for a candid site? You should really change your membership plans, would probably draw more members a month that way.

    • creepster

      sorry and thank you for your feedback as we are trying to accommodate everybody, currently we dont offer downloads for the $45 platinum plan that membership its only for streaming only and download all videos from the site its only available for the black edition membership for now.

  6. Jabbathehutt

    I tried to purchase the VIP membership, a page came up saying the site couldn’t process my request, HTTP error of some sort, tried to log in and was told my IP was blocked and the site had no record of my email being registered. I’m holding out a Benji for you if the CC processing would get online. Thank You!

    • creepster

      Hello did you tried to signup again? @jabbathehutt?

  7. Jim

    Hey creepster I just tried to sign up gold edition and cannot acces site..i hope I was not charged ..cant access anything..need help

    • creepster

      did u try again? if not we have another option thru paypal, let me know if you want to buy membership. thank you

  8. kenny burton

    i just recently sent you guys 45.95 from paypal and haven’t received a resposne back yet ? ;( whats happening ?? thanks !

    • kenny burton

      i have my paypal reciept and everthing ? i can send my transaction number and everything ? help thanks

      • kenny burton


  9. jose rod

    I paid for the black edition and I dont have the option to download the videos from the all videos section? It says any video from the site we download

    • creepster

      We fix the issue we added 10 more download videos more to come!

  10. Lauren Tran

    paid for gold and keep getting redirected to the buy page.

    • creepster


  11. koffinkat

    I signed up for the platinum membership, but I keep getting the payment plan page like acornwatcher.
    Thank you!

    • creepster


  12. Demtrix44

    I signed up for the Goldmembership, but i keep getting the payment plan cant get to the member area.

    • creepster


  13. AJJ79

    Hi- I have tried multiple times to sign up for a platinum membership and it keeps kicking back to the registration page and says all fields haven’t been filled out- They have been, multiple times, please help

  14. AJ

    Hi – When I try to join with a platinum membership it keeps kicking back to the registration screen. Can you tell me how to make this work? Thanks!

  15. mingo

    Hello payment was sent but I have no login. I sent it through Paypal a few days ago

    • creepster

      We sent you the info, thank you for your business!

  16. James McGaffoy

    I cannot seem to purchase subscription 🙁

    • creepster

      please let us know if you still have issues

  17. John Smitty

    The purchase for my platinum membership went through but I am still being redirected to the payment page when trying to enter the members area.

  18. Riley Ada

    The purchase for gold membership went through but I am still being redirected to the payment page when trying to enter the members area.

  19. Jay MiceMen

    I made payment, no login info sent to me.

    Spent the 95.00

    1 usd charge pending on my card

    • creepster

      Hello what is your email so we could fix this issues you are having? or user name? thank you!

  20. Demtrix44

    I purchase for gold membership, but I am still being redirected to the payment page.
    My User name is Demtrix44

    • creepster

      Were u Able to login?

  21. paulo ferreira

    I have sing the Black edition VIP, but I can’t download anything

    • creepster


  22. Seth Keita

    Paid for membership, but how do I go into member area?

    • Seth Keita

      It has been a day since I made payment, membership still not approved? I think that is the reason why I cannot access the member area? Emailed with the recipt number, but no responds. Pleaes help! Thanks.

      • creepster


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